How We Can Help

We treat a variety of conditions affecting the general population, as well as athletes, post-operative patients, and motor vehicle injuries (MVA's).

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Our treatment options target age-related and activity-related impairments. Commonly affecting areas include:

  • Back and neck

  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist

  • Hip and knee

  • Ankle and foot

We also identify weak links and compensation patterns that can affect athletic performance or the activities of daily living.

Our treatments usually incorporate a combination of the following elements:

  • Education

  • Exercise

  • Manual therapy

  • Red Cord therapy

  • Modalities

We think it’s important that you understand your condition, and we work with you to develop functional goals to measure your progress through the rehabilitative process.  We believe in an active approach to therapy (i.e., hands-on techniques and exercise both in the clinic and at home).  “Passive treatments” – the use of ice, heat, TENS, ultrasound may be used to complement or enhance a treatment, but will never be our primary approach to promote your healing.