Redcord Therapy

The RED CORD® system was first introduced in Norway in 1991, and is now used by physiotherapists and doctors in over 20 countries to promote rehabilitation, functional strength training, and injury prevention.

FLUID MOTION PHYSIOTHERAPY is the only clinic in the Maritimes to include Red Cord assessment and treatment techniques as part of our services.

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How does it work?

Patients with neck, back, pelvic and shoulder disorders often experience periods of long-term pain or inactivity.  Research has shown that the fatigue and pain associated with these conditions can result in decreased activation of one or more muscles, causing surrounding muscles to compensate or become over-worked, often leading to more pain or dysfunction.

Use of Red Cord equipment leverages a unique treatment method called Neurac™, which is short for “neuromuscular activation”.  Through the use of ropes and slings that off-load a patient’s body weight, targeted movements and exercises can be performed in a pain-free fashion to restore normal, functional movement patterns.

The Neurac Method

The Neurac method uses key biomechanical principles to re-educate the muscles through the use of:

  •      Pain-free movement
  •      Closed-kinetic chain exercises
  •      Progressive levels of instability
  •      Movements in multiple planes
  •      Precise progressions to continue to challenge the neuromuscular system

Use of the Red Cord system has demonstrated significant results for patients suffering from acute or chronic pain, and high-level athletes who may have built strength on top of weakness, resulting in weak muscular links or overuse injuries.

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